Three Realms of Existence

Three Realms of Existence

The Three Realms of Existence are: the realm of the Five Components, the Realm of Living Beings and the Realm of the Environment. These realms are categories of phenomena arising from the unity of causes and conditions, and do not exist independently of each other. The Realm of the Five Components illustrates that the five components (form, perception, conception, volition, and consciousness) vary from person to person. The Realm of living beings refers to the truth that the lives of common mortals who are formed by the temporary union of the five components experience different worlds of the Ten Worlds. The Realm of the Environment illustrates that there are differences in the places where the common mortals of the Ten Worlds dwell.

The Realm of the Five Components

This is the place where there are differences among people in terms of material law and spiritual law. The five components are:

  1. The Component of Form – indicates physical and material existence
  2. The Component of Perception – the function to receive information
  3. The Component of Conception – the function of forming an idea or concept about the information received.
  4. The Component of Volition – the function of creating intention or desire
  5. The Component of Consciousness – the function to understand all aspects of existence

The Realm of Living Beings

The indicates that living beings, each formed by the five components, can see the various distinctions of the ten worlds through their association with one another.

The Realm of the Environment

This is the place where living beings dwell in their respective, insentient environments.

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